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Why MCAP of Chicago?

Our comprehensive assessment accurately diagnoses emotional, psychological, behavioral and addictive disorders in adults. Using a multidisciplinary screening and evaluation process, we consider all of the physical, genetic, social, cognitive, emotional, familial and spiritual dimensions that are unique to each individual.

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Our caring, experienced team includes board-certified psychiatrists with specialty training in addiction psychiatry, neuropsychologists, internal medicine physicians, nurse practitioners and therapists, all dedicated to helping each client understand the factors influencing their physical, mental and behavioral health.

Assessments for Professionals

Physicians, nurses, dentists, attorneys, pilots, business leaders – each bears tremendous responsibility, faces significant stress and has many people relying on them. When professionals in highly accountable roles exhibit erratic behavior or are struggling with their mental or physical health, our assessment gets to the root of what’s going on – a first step in helping them get back on track.

Knowledge is Power

Behavioral and addictive disorders are very complex. Whether you’re an employer needing to determine fitness for duty or an individual in need of answers, our program will help you get the full picture and determine if treatment is needed.

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About the Assessment

One Day

  • Evaluation by multidisciplinary team – psychiatrist/addiction psychiatrist, nurse practitioner, family therapist, addiction specialist and internal medicine physician.
  • Lab tests.
  • Full medical history.
  • Psychological testing.
  • Report sent to referral source within one to two weeks.

Two Day

  • Neurocognitive and psychological testing by a board-certified neuropsychologist.
  • Additional lab tests, as indicated.
  • Further assessment by social worker and family therapist. Spouse/partner may be included in session.
  • All of the services provided in the one-day assessment.

Three Day

  • Full day of psychological testing.
  • Specialized medical evaluation and consultations with medical specialists.
  • Imaging and other lab tests, as indicated.
  • All of the services provided as part of the one-day and two-day assessments.
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Two Week Assessment

Two week assessment is utilized for observation in making definitive diagnoses, education and exposure to professional recovery communities, and the ability to see specialists if necessary outside of the MCAP of Chicago team.

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Struggling with addiction, anxiety, anger managment, or other behavioral disorders? Our comprehensive assessment can help diagnose the issue.

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